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Monday, August 18, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girl Of The Week, the Swingin' Sylvie Vartan!

Sylvie Vartan started her career as a high school student, swayed by the promise that her brother, Eddie had in store for her when he promised to record her, instead of Gillian Hills. Gillian had turned him down for a record he was producing for RCA.
RCA saw stars when they saw and heard Sylvie, and made her a recording offer she couldn't refuse - Rock 'n Roll!
Here's Sylvie palling around with her friends, including Jacques Dutronc on a French TV show doing 'L'oiseau' in 1967.

If you go right to Youtube, you will notice that the footage is posted by CinnamunK - his entire roster of footage and music is all girl, and is filled with tons of great tracks. Check it out sometime!

But before you do, dig Sylvie in this fab Japanese commercial for Renown Fashions! She sings in French and Japanese! SO MOD!

Now check out the latest Crayons To Perfume where Sylvie takes center stage along with some girls in 60's rock groups, a handful of soulful sisters and a bunch of girls singin' about boys! Don't forget to stay tuned next Monday, when we have a new and super duper swingin' special ALL GIRL SURF SHOW!!!

-Crayons to Perfume is exclusive to WFUM's Rock'n Soul Ichiban! A weekly 1 hour show devoted to girls from 1960-1969 (and a handful of modern missies) hosted by Glynis Ward, DJ girlgroupgirl

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bottle Up and Go Do the Hunch!

(aka Vocal Group 45 of the Week!)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girls of the Week are the Bouffant Bronx Bombshells the Chiffons!

The Chiffons were from the Bronx, and met at James Monroe High School and from 1963-1965 they made a string of wonderful records that are cherished by so many lovers of the girl group sounds. The Chiffons also have some very surprising songs that are lesser known like the crazed Bo-Diddley influenced 'ABC 123' and the unusually atmospheric 'Mystic Voice'.
Starting with a more classic girl group style, here's 'I Have A Boyfriend'.

Crayons to Perfume explores all sides of the Chiffon's in their first three LP's, including 'Nobody Knows What's Going On In My Mind'- which sounds more like it was written with the Shangri-las in mind than the Chiffons. It's not what you really expect from a classic teen girl-group - but then again, the Chiffons could really pull some surprises! Check out this live footage, and then check out this week's show!!

This week's Crayons To Perfume features the Chiffons, a handful of garage girls, solo girls and a back to school serenade!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vocal Group 45 of the Week!

Well, that wraps up the vocal group 45 of the week series. Hope you dug it. If you missed one, I will be posting the full CD to download in the coming weeks. Tentative title; Bottle Up and Go Do the Hunch!
Special thanks to Rex Doane for hipping me to a lot of these amazing sides...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Greg Cartwright's Reigning Sound interview on the Fringe Factory Radio Show!

Now you can hear Greg telling us about his very first band, stories about his grandma's magic attic and his tips for picking up the cool chicks in high school!!!
It's all here on the Fringe Factory! - and listen to the Fringe Factory Radio Show on Aug. 6th at 8pm, as Greg guests DJ's a set for us!!!

Crayons To Perfume's Girl Of The Week: Ernie Djohan! The Swingin' Singapore Sweetie!

Ernie Djohan is an Indonesian singer who was much beloved in the 60’s, singing both traditional songs and pop hits of the day. Her career started as a child, in 1962 when at the age of 11 she began singing for radio. Later that year she won a vocal contest and scored a record deal with Phillips. Ernie won my heart with her rendition of ‘To Sir With Love’ natch – this is where Crayons To Perfume gets it’s name!

But it’s her version of ‘I’m A Tiger’ that made me an Ernie Djohan fantatic!

This week's Crayons To Perfume features these delightful songs from Ernie, Twistin' Gals, Belgian Gals and so much more!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

LISTEN NOW! Crayons To Perfume is ON THE AIR!

It's Crayons To Perfume's first show!!!! Exclusive to WFMU's Rock 'n Soul Ichiban, Crayons To Perfume is a new girl group show - we feature all kindsa gals from 1960-1969, be it traditional girl groups, soul, r'n'b, yeye, popcorn, rock'n roll and occassionally we'll feature psychedelic chicks, country cuties, and other boppin' babes!

Our first segment features all the fab femmes of our recent fave girls of the week! We've got Shirley Matthews from Toronto, Les Surfs from Madagascar, Tammy from Puerto Rico, The Angeliques from Sweden, The Beat Chics from the UK, Barry St. John from Scotland, Jenny Rock from Quebec and all American gals Dee Dee Sharp and Miriam Linna. Give us a spin!

Crayons To Perfume

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vocal Group 45 of the Week!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girl of the Week: Barry St. John - the lil' gal with the big voice!


Barry St. John was merely a teenager when she recorded her first 45 in 1964. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland (and named Liz Thompson), Barry joined Ian Campbell & The Midnighters and then Bobby  Patrick & The Big 6. In 1961, the Big 6 moved to London and in 1962 they began to tour Germany and eventually moved to Hamburg. During this time Barry St. John was discovered as a solo artist and moved back to London by request of her management. In 1964 she recorded her first single for Decca a cover of the Shirelle's 'Thing of the Past'. However Barry was just cutting her teeth on those earlier singles. I think she really came into her own in the late 60's with one of my faves, her whalloping version of  'Cry Like A Baby'.


I also like some of Barry's earlier sides, especially 'Brand New Man'

Check out her versions of 'Bread & Butter',  and 'Hey Boy' - she really can belt it out.

As an added bonus, here is 'Sweet Talk Me Baby' by Bobby Patrick & The Big 6!

Here's Barry St. John's entry on the fab Ready Steady Girls site

Crayons to Perfume is coming to WFMU's Rock'n Soul Ichiban THIS WEEK!!, hosted by Glynis Ward, dj girlgroupgirl

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vocal Group 45 of the Week!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girl of the Week: Jenny Rock! the Quebec Cutie!

Jenny Rock is now known for her rather crazy, awkward and adorable version of  'Mal' (cover of Deep Purple's 'Hush'). However she started off as a more cute and cuddly Quebec ye-ye singer who began her solo career in 1963 when she was signed to Select records and released 'Douliou douliou Saint-Tropez'. Saint Tropez was a popular topic of the time, a seemingly romantic destination often featured on film, so Jenny's song became very popular! 
Wanting to move into a more rock'n roll vein, Jenny became influenced by the British Invasion, which in turn influenced her with American rock 'n roll. She released one of my favorite versions of  'Walkin' The Dog' during this time.

She soon became influenced by soul music, and released the fantastic 'Le train pour Memphis'.

Jenny concentrated on her studies for a few years, but came back to deliver that endearing 'Mal'! Dig the I Dream of Jeannie hairstyle!

Crayons to Perfume is coming soon to WFMU's Ichiban Soul, hosted by Glynis Ward, DJ girlgroupgirl

Friday, July 18, 2014

Vocal Group 45 of the Week!